Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome Oct!!!! 1st wallpaper+calender Ever!

It's October !!! Thanks Reader!! for reading zouzoualien.blogspot.com all this time!!
is been half year of 2011 already...hmm..maybe not...

Was working on a halloween wallpaper,pumkins ,witch,ghost,..bats...and warewolf...blah blah blah...  can't think of anymore..I need some brain juice :P

Oh well,

TA-DA!! Here's a wallpaper for you,hope you like it! :D

In malaysia we don't have halloween days,..or trick or treating, but we still can celebrate halloween isn't it?


I love costume party!!! Especially, Vampire ZOMBIES! It always the best!!
*They can dance Thriller*,and vampire won't sucks their blood rite? It taste awful? xP

......Muhahahah... ;P scary ehh ..Dx


  1. thanks for your wallpaper too~ ^^ love it~

  2. Hi. Re-visiting. How are you lately? Waiting for your update.


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