Thursday, December 29, 2011

zouzoualien 1 years old Birthday!!

*A little doodle zouzoualien 1 years old

HAPPY 1 years old!!!! to!  *I just not good at counting my blog ages*
probably this blog is on my birthday,and my birthday is not on december.
*i forget to celebrate this blog birthday* lolz

Anyway ~is been 1 year, Thanks for all reader support :D
without you guys,this blog is nothing :)

zouzou here had prepare a birthday movie for you* Phsss this , for now only $8000* lolz ..

Nah~,is FOC(free of charge) just for you ,is an old anime I made last time (long time ago)
even it is poor but did my best ...
it took me forever~Lol

zouzoualien vs The stone

This is just a video of careless zouzoualien vs The stone.  

all the best in 2012!

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