Friday, January 20, 2012

The origins of fireworks on CNY!! (with Joel)

Hello people!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!! 

Chinese New Year g-o--i-n-g to be here..thankfully i just got sick before that. *sore throat* and i got sexy voice =D~

YES!!!!!Welcome to our  Joel . THE AWESOME Sarcasm?puhleeze!!!! blogger!!

This is my 1st ever collaborate with another blogger, here's goes the Zouzou VS Joel!! LET DO THIS!!

Will we'll Boom each other? no? yes? LETS DO THIS!!!

If don't mind you can check out his Awesome post from his  sarcasm blog :D the sarcasm?puhleeze!! I really dono what it puhleeze means,something people name paul lee?

Me and Joel wish you  HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

maybe the original fireworks it's just a legend of zouzou&Joel afterall~

as i known GONG XI FA CHAI!! gimmi ang pow~lol


  1. hey... beware that fireworks blow your head~ xD
    anyways~ HAPPY DRAGON YEAR~ XD

  2. Woooo! good idea! can take fireworks to fight :P


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