Thursday, April 19, 2012

Australia(Part 2)-Melbourne Airport!

The Dog nose is Incredible!! I should own the dog! haha~
but now, I already have a dog which looked like this~relaxing everyday ==; hahahah! 

Next, will bring you Yarra National Park =D!
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by the way today is Friday,
Hope you enjoy your weekends !!! ;-D


  1. Yo~ im here again~ ^^
    last time i go to bali, they don't let us bring any food cross over the customs counter~

    haha~ you should own a dog~ ^^ i have a dog, it had a sensitive nose even i was cooking at kitchen (between kitchen and outside is more then 40meter) , is still can smell it~ darn~

    still exciting your next part trip~ xD
    i have subscribe your facebook page ya~ ^^

    1. Thanks lex for subscribe ! :D
      yeah! they don't allow food to enter customs counter~XD
      well,I own a dog,but my dog don't have sensitive nose TT hahahah~

  2. they use dogs at the custom instead of the scanning machine? wow!

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    1. yea,that's after scanning machine la ~:P


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