Friday, April 27, 2012

New banner-Relax XD

LOL~was uploading my banner for around 5-8 times, Internet keep on disconnect..lah~
Finally!! yes FINALLY!!  get to upload now.
Today is FRIDAY!!! and,
here's my new banner for April XD was kinda late draw it~haha

 Here's my April banner below :-Relax

When thinking one-day just one day!~~ I get to relax on the field with few cow or sheep, looking at the sky and airplane, drink my green tea,eat my Mcd nugget~awww what a dream right?~ haha yes ,If I get to sit on my pillow and drink green tea and eat nugget at the same time,that would be great! :DD
I guess something will happen ...if i sit on the field with cow~

Yes,I scare those cow mistaken my hair as grass~hahaha
and then i become BOTAK!~ haha
maybe i should change my mind now =3=
well, next week we will have two public holiday don't we? yea~ you guys should relax and have fun in weekends & holiday!
me? I'm going to watch Avengers this Saturday,
" If" the ticket haven't sold out XD heard it was awesome !


  1. nice banner, so dutch lady lol XD

    1. ahhahahahahah~ dutch lady pulak~ yeahlo~*looked at the banner* indeed alike,but i really like the colors XDD hahaha~

  2. Replies
    1. haha I love cow color only :P black and white XD

    2. hahah! i thought you love blue, with the words and background here

      Latest: More than BIG Breakfast

    3. lol i love white, blue come second and pink the most :P black will always be the line part :D

  3. Laughed when I saw the pic of cow eating hair =D

  4. Nice Banner!~ mOOOOOO~ xD
    beware the cow eat your hair~ xD
    how are you? xD

  5. good XD as usual ^^ thanks for your concern :)


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