Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's just a dream~ :D

It's been awhile ~ was drawing and learning how to draw shadow lately :D
here's one of the art I done it's a girl and a duck ,sounds more like The frog & The princess, haha
inspire by IU music ,she's kinda sweet and loving .

Here's It's just a Dream (part 1)

The goose and the Girl

It's just a Dream (part 2)

The goose shadow and The girl

Not really colorful but the picture will be colorful?
Hope you have a nice day !! :D
been trying to work hard on planning comic scrip~ hehe
and just need to keep moving forward !!


  1. eh very nice le! like ur new header! :3

  2. Your new header is like freedom. I love it. And you also inspiring to be a comic blogger? Me too XD. I am still learning though. Btw, following you on Twitter. Hope you don't mind.

  3. nice story in those 2 dreams hehe :P

  4. life is look forward but not going backward ~
    life is freedom but not narrow ~
    lets make dream become true~
    Lex Lee just back from Bangladesh ~


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