Friday, November 2, 2012

First ever Comic Bloggers Gathering! (contest)

Hello my Dear reader :D
sorry,It's was been so long i haven't update  

Here's the update I'm wish to join this event  ! :D
well, cause I'm a fan of & comic blogger and many other more~

*Edit*Draw a comic version of myself :-

Why I would like to attend the comic gathering? here's why :-

1.   I wish to meet the MASTER MIND of the blogger artist Ernest and CheeChingy  !

2. I wish to listen their success story !
 because it so inspiring~even reading them~

3. I wish to Enjoy premium chocolate or coffee or tea together ! and This going to be AWESOME!! gathering at  CAFFEine!! *steal photo from the CAFFEine web*


and this is how we going to enjoy those drinks, something like this !! and with another 20 fans ,
Isn't it great?! we can enjoy tea, chocolate,and coffee there together and have chit-chat! :D

4. I wish to listen to their "REAL" voices and see them dancing~
in real life ~ :D

5. Lastly, I wish to take photo with them and get their signature & drawing too !!

this is all what I had decided to enter this event.

Few day's back I can't sleep LOL,
Reason ? lot's of idea, until cannot sleep , but lazy to draw it out .
Thanks Nuffnang had gave two more day's extra :)

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