Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Travel to Nuffnang blogger comic event :D

First of all Happy deepavali to my dearest Indian friends :DD
I've got my first Invitation from Nuffnang!! I was so glad!!
and so I've begin my journey to the event ~

On my way to LRT station saw a "angmo" who wear something looked like "man in black" in the movie.
he really looked like a model.
when I fully concentrate on him,
I've missed my train =.=

Lucky, manage to get back on track.

           Had reach setiawalk,when they start setting up, I saw Ernest & Chee Ching statue on the sofa~

                                               and meet alot of awesome comic blogger :D

This is Sarah she was drawing for 15 year! and Ms bulat,bulat bulat !!
and many more awesome blogger comic artist!! and learn alot of blogging from ernest and cheeching ! Thank you so much!!

and I got their signature

                                                        Success task ! *exp didn't manage to see their dancing & singing *

1st of all I would like to thank ms bulat for giving me a "Tumpang" :D
and thanks Jayren for fetching me and missymiyen to LRT station ~~
and i found out i'm not the only one who travel all the way ,cause missymiyen really travel for 8 hour's long :D *highfive*

Seriously, missymiyen can run very fast ..until I can't catch breath, cause she have to catch the bus, lucky, she manage to catch it !


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